Mediator Profile - Sally Ruthen

"A very clear and quick mind - a good listener too"

Profile Summary

Sally Ruthen

Sally practised as a civil litigation Solicitor between 1991 and 2007 to Partner level. In 2005, she started to develop her work as a freelance Mediator, and combines a quick, accurate appreciation of the issues and the parties' needs and interests with a friendly but firm manner which encourages and motivates the parties to settle.

Her other current roles include:-



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Areas of Expertise

Commercial and contractual disputes (including construction)
Professional negligence claims
Personal Injury claims
Boundary, property and neighbour disputes
Contentious probate and Inheritance Act claims
Debt claims
Employment and Workplace Disputes
Education Disputes
Landlord and Tenant Disputes



ADR Group

Qualifications and Membership

MSc in Social Research Methods (2014)
BSc (First Class Hons) in Psychology (2007)
Qualified as a Solicitor 1991
(non-practising since 2007)
BA (Hons) in Classics and Modern Languages (1985)


Full Profile

Sally decided in 2004, having practised as a Litigation Solicitor for over thirteen years, that her particular experience, skills and outlook would equip her to be a very effective mediator.  She therefore undertook training with ADR Group to become an accredited commercial mediator, and commenced a further degree in psychology (which she successfully completed in 2007) to broaden her understanding of people.

 Sally’s mediation experience has developed since that time. This enabled her to cease her practice as a Solicitor in 2007, although she still retains strong links with the legal profession.

As well as conducting commercial mediations, Sally also has several years’ experience as a community mediator. This work has included handling workplace mediations for Housing Association employees.  Sally has also undertaken conciliation work for NHS Suffolk and NHS Norfolk, and through her links with these organisations has assisted in resolving complex disputes between health professionals.  Recently, Sally has broadened her experience and now mediates disputes about provision for young people with special educational needs.

Sally is interested in mediating disputes which are ostensibly about legal issues and rights, but which involve and often mask intense and difficult emotions, such as disputes involving illness, harm, close relationships or bereavement.  


Personal Style and Feedback

Feedback on Sally’s style praises her professionalism, her ability to grasp the issues quickly, and her quiet persistence and calmness in difficult and emotional situations.  Comments include:

"The mediator's approach could best be described as persistent, friendly and quiet diplomacy." Barrister

"She had a firm understanding of the issues involved and was sensitive to the concerns of both parties... I felt that she conducted herself in a confident and professional manner" Expert attending mediation

"The Mediator made what could have been a tense and difficult situation calm and controlled by professional experience and charm" Solicitor

"Gained the trust of the parties early and her enthusiasm and determination to secure a settlement was rewarded in 'extra time'" Solicitor

"Very professional and patient, yet incredibly effective" Solicitor

"Appreciation of both legal and emotional issues involved in the dispute" Solicitor

"Excellent under pressure!" Client

"Excellent. The mediator's manner, personality and professionalism were outstanding." Client

"Even though there was no agreement on the day, the benefits of working through the issues in such a welcoming and particularly well-managed, contained and low-pressure process, have reaped many benefits." Client's Partner

"The mediator had obviously done her homework, had a very clear and quick mind, able to pick out opportunities to move forward, a good listener too... instilled trust." Client

"The mediator was very competent in a difficult situation. I had complete faith in her abilities." Client

Professional Background

Sally qualified as a Solicitor in 1991 and practised Litigation, specialising in personal injury claims initially but broadening her experience to include the other areas referred to above in later years.  She became a member of the Law Society’s personal injury panel in 1995.  Sally was a partner in a High Street practice from 1998 until 2005, when she commenced her practice as a mediator.

Sally ceased practising as a Solicitor in 2007, by which time she had developed her practice as an independent mediator.

Since then, Sally has taken on various roles which reflect her legal background and are, in several cases, related to dispute resolution.  Current roles include:-


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Dispute Resolution Experience

Banking/Corporate Finance/Business to business
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Construction and Engineering
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Individual to Business
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Individual to Individual
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