Types of Mediation

Civil / Commercial mediation

Our panel mediators deal with a broad range of civil and commercial disputes, large and small. They come from a variety of backgrounds, including law, business, IT, human resources, arts and finance... read more

Workplace mediation

ACM's workplace and employment mediators are professionally accredited and experienced in helping resolve disputes, whether between people while at work, or between employer and employee on leaving... read more

Music, copyright and entertainments

ACM now has three panel members who are experienced in the areas of music, copyright and entertainments. We also have the wide range of associated expertise covered by other members of our panel, including commercial/contracts, employment and finance... read more.

"She had a firm understanding of the issues involved and was sensitive to the concerns of both parties... I felt that she conducted herself in a confident and professional manner"

Expert attending mediation

"In the event of something similar I would want to have help from Chula to reach a satisfactory solution."


"The mediator had the ability to separate personal values from the issues under consideration to maintain neutrality. She was able to understand power imbalances."