Picture of an unknown Cambridge college.  Not really our home!

Picture of piled up hastily abandonned bicycles.  Our mediators are busy rushing to class.

Picture of Cambridge bridges.  Build bridges, not walls.

Picture of punts (flat bottomed boats used in shallow water around Cambridge).  Get from A to B.

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"I had a pre-conceived idea that mediation would resemble marriage guidance but you reassured me. You explained clearly how it would work and what would be involved. I found the mediation incredibly useful and worthwhile. It totally solved the problems I was having and gave me a better understanding of my colleague's viewpoint and concerns. I was delighted and slightly amazed that it worked so well."

Party to mediation

"I …ought to thank you for such skilful handling of the mediation!  There were some forceful personalities involved that you dealt with with aplomb.  I must say I was surprised that we got to a successful conclusion, but I am very glad of it …… I…shall look forward to working with you again."

Solicitor, Partner

"… excellent work …"